“Tether” Festival Run Continues!

The “Tether” team is honored to have been an official selection at the following festivals:
2015 San Jose International Short Film Festival
2015 Napa Valley Film Festival
2016 Coronado Island Film Festival
2016 FLICKERS Rhode Island Film Festival
2016 Newport Beach Film Festival

I was also interviewed for – you can find the interview here!

“The Long Drum” is Online!

“The Long Drum” is now available for online viewing at IndieFlix (kind of like Netflix for shorts and indies):
View Long Drum Here!

IndieFlix is a subscription service — if you follow these customized links you can get discounted rates, and the film will referral perks:
For a 1-month free trial (normally 2 weeks):
For a $35 annual membership (normally $50):

Please check out the site at your convenience and support this exciting new distribution platform!

That’s a Wrap!

The tireless team of TETHER, my new short film set in Guatemala, just finished an 8-day shoot!
Here are all the smiling faces:

We are now moving boldly into post-production!
Please check out the film’s website for continuing updates:
Our Facebook page is jumpin’ here:
Instagram: #tethermovie
And please support our post-production efforts here: !!

Long Drum at Henley Fringe!

THE LONG DRUM will be having its second screening at the Henley Fringe Film Festival this July in England. Henley Fringe is a beloved theater arts organization that is just adding a film festival component this year. I’m excited that THE LONG DRUM will help jumpstart their festival!


You can check out the Festival Program here!

Launching TETHER!

So excited to launch the Facebook Page and Website for my upcoming short film TETHER!
The film takes place in an isolated village in Guatemala, where tough, spunky Nelli (14) must find a doctor for her sick, pregnant sister before she loses the only family she has.

Please check us out – like, subscribe, and join me for this wild ride!



Aspen Shortsfest Review!

“The Long Drum” had its premiere at Aspen Shortsfest this week, and though I sadly couldn’t attend (plane tickets from Singapore running tooooo high!), the film got a lovely mention by Colorado Public Radio reviewer Robert Denerstein!

Reason #3 to love short films:
“3. Shorts prove that it’s possible to reduce complicated issues to essentials.   In the 12-minute film “The Long Drum,” director Eve Symington explores the conflict between tradition and modernity in a rural Vietnamese village. She finds the emotional core in an issue that could fill a tome-sized NGO report.”

– See more at: