Meun-Meunu Jigeen: Short Documentary

Meun-Meunu Jigeen [All That A Woman Can Do]  tells the stories of women artists working and thriving in Dakar, Senegal. Anta Germaine Gaye is an internationally recognized painter who discusses her breakthough career, which she pursued alongside familial and societal obligations. Three other women artists also discuss how they balance life and art, as well as their relationship with religion and feminism. Through their experiences and insights, these women open the door for the West to deepen its understanding of women, family, and career in Africa.

Filmed on location in Dakar, Senegal. 17 mins. 2008.

Official Selection: NYC Downtown Shorts Festival, Africa World Documentary Film Festival (St. Louis, Barbados, Bermuda), and Little Theater Emerging Filmmakers Series (Rochester NY), 2009.

Skills: Short Fiction/Doc, Video
Client: School for International Training