The Long Drum: Short Fiction

In a small village, Thanh’s family has passed the sacred shaman’s drumming tradition from generation to generation. When Thanh’s only son dies, Thanh immediately begins searching for a new shaman to play the burial chant for his son. But when he runs out of candidates, Thanh must stop running and face his loss head-on.

Shot on location in Long An Province, Vietnam. 11 mins, 2013.

Official Selection: 2013 Aspen ShortFest

Written/Directed by: Eve Symington
Starring: Manh Dung, Thanh Dau, Thanh Ngan, Le Huyen, Phuc Thanh, Thanh Giang
Cinematography by: Samantha Nell

Skills: Short Fiction/Doc, Video
Client: NYU Masters Program