Tether: Short Fiction

In a remote Mayan village, a tenacious young girl’s dream of education is in peril when an unwanted pregnancy endangers her sister’s life.

Filmed on location in Guatemala. 17 minutes, 2015.
New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Asia: Masters Thesis



Written/Directed: Eve Symington
Produced by: Charly Feldman
Starring: Priscila Simon Chex, Delia Cumez, Herbert Ignacio, Maria Telon
Cinematography by: Emilie Silvestri
Line Producer: Melanie Dent
AD/Line Producer: Rodolfo Espinoza
Production Designer: Fernando Galvez
Costumes and Makeup: Maria José Velasquez

Skills: Short Fiction/Doc, Video
Client: NYU Masters Thesis